Going through chemotherapy can be one of the most difficult things to experience. Along with all of the awful side effects like increased risk for bruising, bleeding, infection, and fatigue, it also causes patients to lose their hair.

When chemo causes hair loss, it often falls out in uneven, unsightly clumps. It can be devastating, and the reason that many patients choose to shave their heads before the treatment fully sets in.

That’s the position a mom found herself in during chemotherapy. She was fighting for her life and wanted to take some of her power back by shaving her head, rather than watching her hair slowly fall out in patches.

Photo: flickr/faungg’s photos

Thankfully, she wasn’t alone. Her teenager recorded the moment he helped him shave her head.

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The mom had her head down and her eyes closed as the razor buzzed across her hair.

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Once her hair was gone, the boy turned the razor on his own head and became shaving off his thick locks.

The mom had no idea until moments passed and she opened her eyes!

Photo: Instagram/goodnews_movement

In the video, he said that he just didn’t want her to feel alone. How sweet!

Watch the touching video below:


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