Cancer is one of the hardest things to go through. When kids are involved, it’s even more heartbreaking.

When a child receives a diagnosis, not only do their families have to go through it with them but their friends do as well.

For a young boy in Brazil named Davi, he was diagnosed with cancer and his best friend, Heitor, was right by his side through it all. The boy boys were close, and a medical diagnoses might pull some friends apart but it only brought these two closer together.

Photo: Pixabay/_Alicja_

One of the emotionally hard parts of going through cancer treatment is losing your hair. Kids might take it even harder and worry about being teased or losing that part of their identity.

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When Davi lost his hair, Heitor wanted to show how much he supported his friend so he shaved his head too. While the boys were video chatting, Heitor showed his friend that he was shaving his hair.

Photo: Twitter/DoctorFarola
Photo: Twitter/DoctorFarola

Davi objected, but Heitor said he was doing it because he loves and cares for his friend.

Dr. Farola shared the heartwarming video on Twitter. He said (translated): “This boy from Brazil, Heitor, cuts his hair in solidarity with his friend Davi who has cancer, he tells him that he does it for love and that they will always be together.”

Watch the sweet moment below:

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