The idea of ringing a bell or making some other type of loud noise to signify the end of cancer treatment was first introduced at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in 1996. Since then, thousands of cancer patients around the globe have celebrated beating cancer by ringing similar bells at their treatment centers. It has become quite a widespread and popular tradition.Of course, every cancer patient who gets to finish treatment and ring the cancer-free bell is excited to finally be done and hopefully never have to go back for treatment ever again. But have you ever heard of a cancer patient being so excited to ring that bell that they actually broke it?Photo: Twitter/Harris Health SystemDarla Jaye has been looking forward to this day since February, but she didn’t expect it to go exactly like this. When she finally finished her treatment for breast cancer, she got a chance to ring the cancer-free bell, and she gave it such an energetic yank that the clapper came right out of it and fell to the floor!
Photo: Twitter/Harris Health SystemThe look of surprise on Darla’s face says it all. After she sees the clapper fly across her field of vision, she quickly picks it up and tries to reattach it. No one was expecting her to break the bell, but perhaps that’s just a testament to the greatness of her victory over cancer!Photo: Twitter/Harris Health SystemCheck out the video below to see the surprising moment for yourself.Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource