When 19-year-old John Wallop arrived for his 16-hour shift behind the deli counter at Wawa in Millville, New Jersey, he thought it would just be another ordinary day.

But little did he know, he would end up saving a life.

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philiadelphia

Wallop was making sandwiches when two customers ran up to him and told him that there was a girl in the bathroom who was having a seizure.

When he rushed into the bathroom, he found the woman lying down, not breathing. Without hesitation, Wallop began CPR on the woman, which he learned several years ago.

Photo: Pixabay/manseok_kim

He continued to check the woman’s pulse and perform CPR until the woman finally began to cough. Within seven minutes, EMTs arrived on scene to rush her to the hospital.

Thanks to Wallop’s quick thinking and heroic actions, the woman survived and recovered.

Wallop learned CPR after his grandmother took him to attend a CPR class. While she is no longer alive, Wallop knows that his grandmother would be extremely proud of Wallop and honored.

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philiadelphia

Wallop was praised and deemed a hero by his friends, classmates, and members of the community. He was also awarded a Pillar of the Community Hero Award presented by Positive Vibes Community Group.

Wallop hopes his story will encourage others to learn CPR. He also says he is thinking about joining the police force, because he knows more EMTs and medics are needed out there.

Hear his story in the video below:

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