This story originally appeared at American Web Media.Dads usually know exactly how to make their offspring laugh. The cute father-and-son moment featured in the video below is no exception.In the film, dad gets down on all fours to crawl over to his baby boy, which causes the baby to stare up at Dada with awe. Suddenly, this baby lets out a deep chuckle that seems to belie his small size.
The entire family — including Mom behind the camera, and an older sister nearby — can’t believe that sound just came from this tiny diaper-clad body.“You’re not a sheep! You’re a boy!” the baby’s dad gleefully shouted.The family was so bewitched by their young son’s unique chuckle that they posted it online, where it was widely shared. “To me, he sounds like Peter Griffin (from Family Guy),” one user wrote.
“There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s laugh,” another commenter agreed.“Adorable! God bless this baby!” a third cheered.“He sounds like a little Chewbacca,” a fourth wrote.“We really should put away your phone at the dinner table,” another user wryly noted. “Here I am having my soup and came across this precious baby and my table is a mess. Nothing like a baby’s laugh.”Others noticed that the boy’s older sister was unsuccessfully trying to get a little screen time. “That other kid is trying so hard to get noticed!” the user wrote.What’s your take on this cute family video below? Let us know in the comments!Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource