Αρχική World News Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Nine Months After Son’s Birth

Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Nine Months After Son’s Birth

Trailblazing snowboarder Kimmy Fasani welcomed her second son Zeppelin about ten months ago. Earlier on in her breastfeeding journey, she says she noticed a dense fibrous bump on her right breast but assumed it was because breastfeeding can often alter breast density. It also didn’t match what she’d been told to look out for with breast cancer. Months later, she found a pea-sized lump under her right arm during a self-exam and decided to call her doctor. She was soon diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, she’s sharing her story to highlight the importance of self-checks and to help others going through the same thing.

In an Instagram post, Fasani said, “3 weeks ago I heard the words I never expected to hear… You have Breast Cancer.

“My mind has been spinning as quick decisions, lots of appointments, and so much information has flooded our lives. Yet, my family and I are trying to stay grounded, calm, and focused on positive and present moments as we adapt to this major shift.”

Fasani, 37, says that after she initially contacted her doctor, a mammogram and ultrasound were scheduled to investigate. The breast surgeon who saw her for a physical exam at this time told Fasani that she was confident it was inflammatory breast cancer.

In her post, Fasani explains, “The biggest indicators being: my breast was slightly red, enlarged, had a noticeable mass, swollen lymph node, and when she gently squeezed the skin of my breast it dimpled like an orange peel. The following day I had 3 biopsies and we received the results from Pathology confirming my diagnosis of IBC.”

A breast cancer diagnosis may be somewhat unexpected for someone of Fasani’s background. She says she’s healthy, active, young, and very conscious of what what she puts into her body. However, she added that cancer didn’t care. It’s now important to her that she take this diagnosis and help others with it.

Her Instagram post says, “Though this process is emotional and personal, I want to share this journey in hopes of bringing more awareness to the benefits of self checks, being aware of our bodies, and making the process of coping through Breast Cancer more transparent.”

Fasani, who was the first female snowboarder to land a double backflip in the park and the powder, as well as a 2017 winner of the Snowboarder Women’s Rider of the Year award, says she’s got another tough mountain to climb. However, she says she’s got the tools, support, and mentality to tackle it.

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