The Burkman family of Frisco, Texas, always has an extravagant lights display outside of their home for Christmas.

It all started because of their kids, who have autism.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas

Both of them are now grown, but as kids they always loved Christmas and lights. The holidays can be overwhelming for just about anyone, and more so people with autism who can suffer from sensory overload. Having the lights up allowed their boys to enjoy the festivities from the comfort of their own home.

Although her boys are now grown, this year will be no different.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas

Last year, they handed out 40,000 candy canes to people who visited their lights, and this year they expect even more people to show up, so they’re prepared with 75,000 candy canes.

What makes this year even more special is that the Burkman family will be collecting donations for a local girl named Liyana who has epilepsy.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas

“She’s had several brain surgeries,” Jennifer Burkman told Fox 4 News. “The reason we picked her though wasn’t just because of her medical condition. She actually started a foundation when she was 12 years old to collect toys for children in the hospital.”

Burkman can’t wait to see all of their visitors and collect donations for a good cause.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas

Burkman says they will continue their extravagant light display every year “until the Lord decides that I can’t do it anymore.”

See the amazing display in the video beloW:

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