Hilary Farr is known for her work on the HGTV show Love It or List It. It turns out that throughout the years she’s been entertaining us on the show, she’s had a private battle with breast cancer.

In an interview with People, the 70-year-old designer said it all started in 2012, when doctors found a suspicious lump during a routine mammogram. She had a lumpectomy, with doctors telling her the tumor had been precancerous. Farr had thought that would be the end of it, but that didn’t end up being the case.

Two years later, she had another mammogram. Soon after, she learned that she had invasive breast cancer. She had the tumor removed, and the oncologist told her she didn’t need to undergo any further treatment. It wasn’t until two months later, however, that she learned she was supposed to have radiation to try to kill any residual cancer cells.

She tells People, “I was terrified, because I knew I had a very small window… I felt absolute fury that someone could be so flippantly wrong. I could have been dead.”

She ultimately began her radiation treatment in March of 2015. There was yet another curve ball, though. Just seven months later, there was another lump. After now undergoing her third lumpectomy, Farr learned the tumor was precancerous. She’s now in remission.

In the years since, she’s continued her HGTV career, with a new show added onto her arsenal: Tough Love with Hilary Farr.

She says she’s sharing now because she doesn’t want other cancer patients to try to navigate a serious diagnosis alone.

She explains, “Thinking that you should keep it a secret or just power through doesn’t help and it doesn’t heal. If I can change that for one person, then that’s enough.”

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