Photo: CanvaSeveral types of heartburn medications are being recalled.The recall is due to the fact the medications may contain an impurity that causes cancer.If you take heartburn medication, ask your doctor if you are affected by the recall.The drug company Denton Pharma Inc. has recalled several types of ranitidine tablets, which are a type of heartburn medication. They were distributed to Northwind Pharmaceuticals LLC and Crosswind Pharmacy. The recall affects unexpired 150 mg and 300 mg tablets.In addition, Appco Pharma LLC recalled 150 mg and 300 mg batches of its ranitidine hydrochloride capsules. There have been no reports of anyone getting sick from the recall. However, the recall is due to impurities that could be cancer-causing.
Heartburn medications being recalledPhoto: FacebookSome of these heartburn medications could contain N-Nitrosodimethylamine, also known as NDMA. It is considered a possible carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Certain chemical reactions can accidentally bring NDMA into certain products in higher amounts than would naturally occur.Photo: Facebook
Other drugs have been recalled starting in 2018 due to this particular impurity. Many retailers have now stopped carrying these drugs due to the potential that they contain the impurity. For example, according to CNN, “last year, drugmaker Novartis said it would stop distribution of all ranitidine medicines made by Sandoz; Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. recalled its ranitidine medicines; and Sanofi recalled Zantac OTC, its popular heartburn medication.”The FDA is working on an investigation into this issue. If you are unsure if you have any drugs that are being recalled, talk to your doctor.Source