Photo of Ben Hood

Resilience, adaptability and innovation – those at the forefront of delivering cancer clinical research have displayed it all during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what lessons can we learn for the future of cancer trial delivery? We hear from some of our research nurses and clinical trial experts on harnessing the positives from a year like no other…

Over the last year, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on non-COVID clinical research trials. As the nation went into the first lock down, difficult decisions had to be made regarding patients who were taking part in cancer clinical trials.

Obviously, patient safety was a priority, and where it was safe and appropriate to do so, every effort was made to ensure that those patients currently taking part in trials were able to continue to receive their treatment. Whether it was setting up virtual clinics, establishing telephone follow up services or finding ways to deliver medications to patients’ homes, research nurses and clinical trial teams rose to the enormous challenges facing them and their patients.

Ben Hood: “We worked with our patient and public involvement team and the Health Research Authority to develop an electronic consent process”

Photograph of Ben Hood, Cancer Research UK senior research nurse