Rookie Cop Saves Infant From Choking

Many of us may have an opportunity to become a hero before our life is over. For a police officer on the job, however, it is something that happens every day.

That fact recently came to light in an incident that took place in Pottsville, AR. A 23-year-old cop may have been a rookie when he went on the call, but in the end, he saved the life of an infant and became a hero.

KARK-TV reported on the situation from Little Rock. They said that a three-week-old baby, Grady Chronister, was taking some anti-gas drops when he began choking. The police were called and officer Cody Hubbard was the first to arrive on the scene.

Photo: Pixabay/Engin Akyurt

According to The Denver Channel, Hubbard spoke to CNN saying that it was a relatively quiet day but suddenly, it was complete chaos. While he was heading to the home he was praying because he didn’t want the worst to happen. He couldn’t help but think about it though in his mind.

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Grady was having a very difficult time breathing by the time he arrived on the scene. At that point, he claims that his “dad instincts kicked in” and he began looking at Grady as his own child.

Photo: YouTube/KARK 4 News

As you can see in the video, the rookie cop didn’t stop for a moment. He immediately began performing the Heimlich maneuver for infants. Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do.

You can see Hubbert delivering pats to Grady’s back on the body camera footage. It wasn’t long before the infant began to cough.

Even though the video only shows 24 pats on the back, he thought that he was giving a thousand per second. In the end, it got the baby breathing and crying and saved his life.

Photo: YouTube/KARK 4 News

EMS was on the scene and they checked the baby out to make sure he was okay. After the cop got to his car, he turned off his body camera and started to cry. He said: “As a cop, you don’t like to seem weak, and so, I was like, ‘I can’t cry on camera.’ So I turned the camera off as quick as I could, and once I saw that it was off, I just bawled like a baby.”

He also doesn’t consider himself to be a hero. In his words, he just did what any other officer would do that day. Watch the video below:

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