20-year-old Matthew Whitaker, of Hackensack, New Jersey, was born three months premature and blind, and doctors said he had less than a 50 percent chance of surviving.

They also said that if he did survive, he would never walk or speak.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Not only did he survive, he grew up to be an incredible musician and has defied all odds. By the age of three, Whitaker had already taught himself how to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the piano.

When he was a teen, he performed with his church’s band, and has even opened for Stevie Wonder on the Apollo stage.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Today, he is a musical whiz and, despite being blind, plays the piano, drums, organ, keyboards, and percussion. He has taken his talents to all parts of the world, including Paris, Belize, and Spain.

Whitaker continues to impress everyone around him and certainly doesn’t let his disability stop him.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“I always tell people, ‘follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something,’” he told Inside Edition.

He has recently celebrated the release of his third album titled “Connections” at Harlem Stage.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Harlem stage is a special place for Whitaker. Not only was he classically trained in Harlem at the Harlem School of Arts, he also received the “Emerging Artist Award” there in 2018.

Now, Harlem is where he will have his CD release party, which brings all of his success full-circle.

Hear more of Whitaker’s incredible story in the video below:

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