Αρχική World News Workout Wednesdays – Chest Exercises Part 2

Workout Wednesdays – Chest Exercises Part 2

We know that it has been harder for people to exercise over these last several weeks. Christina Lombardi, DPT PT has put together easy exercises to get you moving at home! Each Wednesday for the next several weeks we will share these exercises with you. Each exercise includes descriptive information and a video to demonstrate how to do it. This week will be Part 2 of chest exercises. Check back next Wednesday for more leg exercises.

Lying down Chest Fly

  • Muscles: Chest
  • Movement:
    • Lie on your back with your knees bent
    • Variation 1: Bring your arms out by your side to shoulder height. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Palms should be facing each other. Move your arms towards the center of your body (squeezing your chest muscles). Pause. Then, open your arms back out to the side (starting position).
    • Variation 2: Bring your arms out to the side to shoulder height. Hands should be facing each other. Then, bring your arms together as you squeeze your chest muscles. Pause. Then, open your arms back out to the side (starting position). 
      • Keep arms at shoulder height 
      • Do not shrug your shoulders
  • Recommended Guideline:
    • Begin with one set of 10 reps, then progress to 2-3 sets of 10 reps
      • If 10 reps is too difficult try aiming for 5-8 reps
  • Key Points:
    • Do not hold your breath
    • Maintain good posture

Push-up on Countertop

  • Muscles: Chest, total body
  • Movement:
    • Lean on counter top with arms straight
    • Drop in towards counter letting shoulder blades come together in back
      • Keep your arms by your side, slowly bend at the elbows
    • Pause at the bottom position 
    • Push back up slowly
  • Recommended Guideline:
    • Begin with one set of 10 reps, then progress to 2-3 sets of 10 reps
      • If 10 reps is too difficult try aiming for 5-8 reps
    • Pause for 2-3 seconds at the bottom
  • Key Points:
    • Do NOT HOLD your breath
    • Keep arms by your side


  • Muscles: Chest, total body
  • Movement:
    • 1- Get onto your hands and knees: Place your arms out in front of you. Slowly, bend at your elbows and lower yourself down. Pause. Then, push back up. 
    • 2- Lying face down: Place your arms by your side. Push your body up. Then, slowly lower down. Pause. Then, push yourself back up. 
  • Recommended Guideline:
    • Begin with one set of 10 reps, then progress to 2-3 sets of 10 reps
      • If 10 reps is too difficult try aiming for 5-8 reps
    • Pause for 2-3 seconds
  • Key Points:
    • Do NOT HOLD your breath
    • Keep your core engaged and back straight
    • Keep your arms by your side

Disclaimer: You should discuss your health risks with your provider before starting any exercise program.

Christina graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Secondary Education from West Chester University. She continued her studies at Temple University in Physical Therapy, graduating with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May 2015. Christina began her career in outpatient physical therapy and has worked per diem in both the acute and rehabilitation care settings. She treats a variety of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses in her current role as a staff therapist for Good Shepherd Penn Partners. Recently, Christina developed an interest in Oncology. Last year, Christina’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and her cousin with ovarian cancer. In addition, within the past year, a few of Christina’s friends have also been diagnosed with cancer. Because of her love for family and friends and her passion for physical activity and wellness, she realized that she could help touch so many lives. Christina joined the Oncology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association in May 2019 and is beginning to take continuing education courses to develop her clinical knowledge and expertise. She instructs indoor cycle classes and has her Level 1 CrossFit Certification. She enjoys  various forms of exercise and other health and wellness related activities and topics. 



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