Our team will not be silent.

For 26 years, our mission at Oncolink has been to support ALL individuals, caregivers and healthcare providers coping with cancer—from addressing cancer risk, through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Our content is available and accessible, without charge, to a wide variety of users.

As frontline healthcare providers, we have seen the impacts of racial disparities and social determinants of health. Social determinants of health include things like socioeconomic status, education, housing, neighborhoods, job opportunities, the availability of social support networks, and how these impact our health and access to health care. We know that people of color are diagnosed with cancer later. We know these late diagnoses impact survivorship. We know about the lack of insurance, and of basic human needs like childcare, transportation, elder care, and groceries. Our knowledge has helped us create content and tools to help you address these disparities and identify how to get help.

We are committed to supporting black and brown cancer patients, your caregivers, your families, and your providers.

We will listen. We will hold space. We will learn. We will strive to be anti-racist.

–The OncoLink Team