Julia Mitchell, a teen from Chandler, Arizona, has been using social media to educate others about childhood cancer.

Mitchell has been battling Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, and has a six-inch tumor in her right hip. She has gone through many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, but that hasn’t stopped her from working hard to spread awareness.

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She created a YouTube channel, where she posts videos to inform the public and raise awareness about different types of cancers in children. In her first video, she spoke about what she goes through at the doctor and the real side effects of treatment.

“We know that there’s an end to this,” her mom, Wendy, told AZ Family. “And we only have to think positively. She’s going to get better, and she has a purpose in this world. And I really feel like now that this happened, her purpose is to bring more light to childhood cancer and to help other kids going through this.”

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The community, along with her family and friends, wanted to show their appreciation for Mitchell, so they recently banded together to throw her a party to celebrate her 16th birthday.

During her celebration, she was surprised with a big parade and was absolutely speechless. But just when she thought the parade was the biggest surprise, they unveiled an even bigger one: a brand new car!

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Mitchell had gotten a job at Subway when she turned 15 so that she could save money for a car, but when she was diagnosed with cancer, it put her plans on hold.

Now Mitchell has a car of her own, paid for by members of the community and provided by Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Once Mitchell finishes her cancer treatment in April, she plans to get her license as soon as she can so that she can take her new car for a spin.

If there’s anyone who deserves this celebration and new car, it’s Mitchell. It’s safe to say that this is a very sweet sixteen that she will never forget.

Watch the parade and touching surprise in the video below:

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