Αρχική World News Wishes for a New Year!

Wishes for a New Year!

My oh my, we are on the cusp of a new year! That can bring so many feelings for patients, families, staff. Some are relieved the last year is over, some are anxious about the new year, and still, others are eager for a new year of life. It can be a time of ‘resolutions’ and wishes for self and others. What do YOU wish for in this new year?  Below are a few of the thoughts that I’ve heard/read recently.  Please feel free to share others, if you wish, in the comment section below.

  • I renew my commitment to just do the best I can.
  • My thoughts for the New Year are to continue to live each day to the fullest.  And pray for a cure for this awful disease so that my niece who may/may not have the same mutation does not have to endure the crap I have been thru!
  • My thoughts and feelings as we approach this new year are that I continue to have the strength and positive attitude to take on whatever comes my way in the new year.
  • I just pray that I will be able to see my kids grow up and that I grow old with my husband. Nothing in life is guaranteed and I am grateful for today but I hope for more tomorrows. I wish for the ability to live each day the best I can.
  • I have taken on so much in my life, and tried to be “fearless.” But I am now feeling vulnerable in a way I never have before. Am trying to accept this feeling instead of “attacking” it or blaming myself for it…loving myself through it until it lifts, as it were. It’s hard to feel this way during the holidays, which I usually love. I am wishing for myself and other patients….patience, courage, and love. Let’s stick together!
  • Every day we have to make choices in our life, so I want to continue to “splash joy” around to whomever I meet.
  • I pray that the word re-occurrence would be less in my mind in 2022…
  • I want to strive to have a more positive attitude because there are others that are worse off than us. I learned to thank God for a bad hair day because at least I have hair; for those of you whose hair did not grow back, you can look for other things to be thankful for. I thank God that I can still walk even though I can not feel my left side as well.
  • I wish to be more thankful in 2022.  I thank God I can take care of myself, even though I have pain, numbness, and neuropathy. There are always things to be thankful for, even when we are going through “hell” like most of us have with surgery and cancer treatments.
  • I wish for acceptance of whatever our new norm is!  For me, I want to learn to accept the “new norm” even though it is not what I desire. I want to get over the grieving process of what life was like before cancer and now. I am so thankful for my husband, he was a “champ” during my cancer journey. He loves me now, just the way I am, even without having reconstruction.
  • My thoughts and wishes for 2022 include continuing to make strides for better health; Giving back to others emotionally, spiritually, mentally, as others have given to me; Enjoy my spouse and children with all of my being; helping makes strides against breast cancer, breast cancer recurrence and any cancer in general. Keep a positive attitude, because it is contagious……

May this be a new year of appreciating the moment,
and may those moments encompass peace for our patients, families, and staff.



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