Not all heroes wear capes. Every day people can turn into real-life superheroes when the occasion calls for it – like the truck driver who became a hero after saving the lives of eight people during a horrific car crash that happened Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day, photos began to circulate across social media that showed a bruised and injured truck driver named Sirizani Butau.

It turns out, those photos of him were taken after he helped to save eight people from a fatal bus crash that occurred on a Zimbabwean highway.

Photo: flickr/Steve Jurvetson

The passenger bus experienced a collision with a truck carrying fuel, and the crash became a fiery inferno along the Mutare-Harare Highway in Zimbabwe.

Butau, who had been driving a truck along that same highway, saw the crash happen and immediately sprang into action. he ran towards the burning vehicle and began pulling out passengers. He even tried to save the truck driver involved in the incident, who happened to be a friend of his!

All in all, he managed to get 8 people out alive. While five people, unfortunately, passed away in the accident, the death toll probably would’ve been much higher had Butau not done something.

The heroic truck driver said to the Sunday Mail, “The truck that was involved in the accident was being driven by my colleague and friend. So I rushed and found him still alive, so I tried to save him because I knew that with time the petrol would catch fire, so when I was trying to retrieve him, that is when it caught fire.”

Sadly, Butau was unable to rescue his truck driver friend who had become stuck inside his vehicle as a result of the accident. Butau was trying to find a way to pry open the truck door, which had become jammed when the fire started spreading.

Eventually, the truck burst into flames, causing his friend to perish. Butau himself also received third-degree burns from trying to get his friend out. In total, twenty people from the scene had to be transported to the hospital for their injuries.

According to the National Police’s spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the passenger bus had 63 people on board.

In a statement to Sunday News, Nyathi further explained, “It is claimed that the driver was avoiding a suspected drunk pedestrian resulting in the bus swerving onto the lane of oncoming traffic. As a result, the bus collided with a Freightliner fuel tanker.”

Once news of Butau’s actions went public, the hero received tons of praise. He even got coverage for his medical costs through donations that came in from many fellow Zimbabweans.

While Butau has already stated that none of his actions were in “pursuit of any glory or praise,” the president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangawgwa, has already stated that Butau will receive honor for his heroic actions on Christmas Eve. And we agree with the president’s tweet – he deserves an award for this!

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