If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you may be wondering whether genetics could be a factor in the diagnosis. Although genetic conditions linked to kidney cancer are uncommon, it’s important for people with kidney cancer to understand their personal risk so they can work with their health care team to identify the best treatment option moving forward.

In this podcast, Brian Shuch, MD, and Lauren Bear, MS, LCGC, discuss what genetic conditions are linked to kidney cancer, what an inherited condition could mean for people with kidney cancer and their families, and what people can expect when meeting with a genetic counselor.

  • What is the definition of a genetic or inherited condition? [1:54]
  • How are genetic conditions diagnosed? [2:25]
  • What are some of the genetic conditions that are linked to kidney cancer? [3:00]
  • If someone is diagnosed with kidney cancer, what are some of the signs they might have a genetic condition? [3:52]
  • How can being diagnosed with a genetic condition change the way kidney cancer is treated? [4:55]
  • How common are genetic conditions linked to kidney cancer? [6:00]
  • If a person with kidney cancer is referred to genetic counseling, how can they prepare for their appointment? [7:35]
  • What happens during and after the initial meeting with a genetic counselor? [9:21]
  • How does meeting with a genetic counselor help a person with kidney cancer and their family? [12:07]
  • What are some tips for discussing genetic conditions related to kidney cancer with relatives? [14:35]

Dr. Shuch is the director of the Kidney Cancer Program at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, California; the Alvin & Carrie Meinhardt Endowed Chair in Kidney Cancer Research at the institution; and a Cancer.Net Specialty Editor for Genitourinary Cancers. Ms. Bear is the lead genetic counselor at the Familial Renal Cell Carcinoma and VHL Disease Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can view Dr. Shuch’s disclosure information in his biography, which is linked to in the paragraph above. Ms. Bear has no relationships to disclose.

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