Fadil Osman may only have one leg, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a martial arts instructor and leading a life to be proud of.

Osman has been studying martial arts since he was 12 years old when he lived in the Syrian province of Aleppo. He began partaking in competitive tournaments and had a true talent for it.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

But everything changed in 2015 when he lost his leg in an attack in his country’s civil war. He immediately began rehabilitation and eventually learned to live with one leg.

Osman remained positive and he didn’t let losing his leg end his martial arts career.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Now at 24 years old, Osman is stronger than ever and is teaching others martial arts.

He opened his own martial arts center in northwestern Syria with the mission of teaching his students how to defend themselves. He also hopes to incite health, discipline, and focus in his young students.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The majority of his students are sadly orphans of Syria’s decade-long civil war, and Osman uses his center to distract the students and focus their attention elsewhere. The center is a safe place for his students to talk to each other and learn new things.

Just like the war and losing his leg hasn’t stopped him from achieving his dreams, Osman wants to teach his students that they can still achieve theirs as well, despite all of the obstacles they’ve faced.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Learn more about Osman’s story in the video below:

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