When Tiffany H. realized she couldn’t afford her son’s 5th birthday present, she decided to get creative.

She took to Reddit and explained that her son, Jonas, asked for a stuffed manta ray for his birthday but she couldn’t afford one. In the r/povertyfinance subreddit, a place to share advice, tips, stories, etc., with those struggling financially, Tiffany said that since she couldn’t buy her son a manta ray like he wanted, she was going to make one instead.

Using her son’s old baby blanket, she hand-sewed a stuffed manta ray and it looks quite adorable!

Photo: Reddit/WildfireSmile

The post immediately garnered a lot of positive attention, with many people praising her handiwork and dedication to her son.

Along with people offering their praise and admiration, Tiffany also received a lot of messages from strangers asking if they could send a sea animal plushie to her son for his birthday as well.

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A few days later, Tiffany shared a follow-up photo. She said, “I posted here a few days ago about making my son a manta ray because I couldn’t afford to buy one. Look what y’all did for my baby. You are all amazing.”

Photo: Reddit/WildfireSmile

After receiving so many stuffed animals, some Redditors even pitched in and gifted Jonas a trip to the aquarium.

Tiffany wrote on Reddit, “This is because of Reddit…Jonas is a kid that has been through a lot of trauma. This kid rarely smiles. But today I don’t think he’s stopped smiling for more than a few minutes. Truly a dream come true for him. I’ll never be able to top this! This community is amazing.”

Photo: Reddit/WildfireSmile

It’s amazing what a lot of care and a few stuffed animals can do for a kid.

Thanks to the help of strangers, Jonas was able to have the best 5th birthday a kid could ask for.

Photo: flickr/Will Clayton

You can follow Tiffany on Instagram, @wildfiresmile, and on YouTube to keep up with her and Jonas.

Watch the video below:

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