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Rescued From Complete Darkness

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog!

I wanted a chihuahua to be a companion to a small one I have that has seizures and sight problems. I thought a friend would help her open up and get along better. So I stopped at a house with a sign that said “Chihuahuas – $200.”


The lady showed me dozens of chihuahuas in a fence in the backyard, all long-haired. I explained that I wanted a short-haired one, and thanked her anyway.

She then led me to a closet. She opened the door and sitting on pillow in total darkness was a white short-haired chihuahua with bed sores, struggling to adjust her eyes to the light, and covered in fleas. In fact, she had a wound on her back from biting at the fleas.

I picked this little white chihuahua up and she laid her head gently on my chest. I knew I couldn’t leave her there, even if she had been vicious… but she wasn’t: she was as gentle as a lamb.


She was about five years old and had been spayed because she had almost died giving birth to her last set of babies. The lady didn’t need her to breed anymore, so she had put her in the closet. For how long, I have no idea.

The lady made me pay $200 for her, which I gladly did.

Once we got Pinkey home, she was so grateful and happy that she played with my little sick chihuahua and thought of her as her baby. She licked her, loved her, and followed her around, showing her the ropes of the house even though she had only been there for a few minutes.

They cuddled together and when my sick one has a seizure, Pinkey lets us know by barking furiously and standing by her side, never trying to hurt her.

Pinkey has also adopted my youngest daughter and considers her a “pup.” If she isn’t sleeping with my sick one, she is sleeping with my daughter. Pinkey is a mother hen to everyone in the house. We adore her.

By the way, my vet shut down the woman’s business.

This is an unfortunate reminder that puppy mills do exist and often operates unethically… at an innocent animals’ expense. Please consider adopting.

Story submitted by Kelly Fox.

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From Soiled To Spoiled

I went to a Cocker Spaniel rescue site to look for a dog. It was at an abandoned kennel in the middle of central Florida. The dogs were kept outside in the kennels, and the “rescuer” didn’t take very good care of them. I brought my current Cocker Spaniel with me, and when she saw how small she was, she said she had a small female that we might like that she rescued from a humane society in Palm Beach one day before she supposed to get euthanized.

Photo: Mindy P.

She brought out a smelly black and white Cocker that had long matted hair. Her legs were yellow up to her knees. I asked the rescuer what happened, and she made an off-hand comment about kennel legs. Obviously, she didn’t clean the kennels and the poor dog was wallowing in her own pee. I felt so sorry for her. She looked terrible and so sad.

I told her I would take the dog and asked her to please wash her before I put her in my car. I also asked for her papers, but she said she lost them, so I didn’t know anything about the dog. Although she washed the dog, the stains and smell still remained.

When we brought her home, I did some research and found the humane society she had been at. She was five years and had been kept in a crate and surrendered by her family. She had an ear infection and other ailments when she arrived and been spayed and treated. However, nobody adopted her because she looked so unkempt and had so many issues.

Photo: Flickr/Bex Foreman

Well, it took me almost a year of spoiling her with love and affection, house-training her, teaching her how to behave, and grooming her to finally get rid of the yellow fur before she felt comfortable and accepted. Now she has been a loving member of our family for five years.

Story submitted by Mindy P., from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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From Trash to Treasure

We just had two dogs pass in 3 weeks: a 10-year-old from bone cancer and an 11-year-old from a massive stroke. We were just devastated.

We were informed about a male German Shepherd at our local pound that was running out of time. I went to the shelter and adopted him sight unseen. When the vet tech brought him to me from the infirmary, I just about fell over from shock.

Cody. Photo: Marlaina from Lancaster, CA

Here was an 18-month-old GSD that weighed 40lbs and had over 38 bite marks on his head and neck. One ear was shorter than the other and the vet could see the bite marks on the scar tissue. Obviously, Cody had been attacked as a puppy and again right before he was dumped at the pound.

The first two months were very difficult. Cody had numerous medical problems and he would not eat. I cooked so many homemade meals it became routine. After about 4 months, we started to see Cody’s real personality. He started eating but was still uncomfortable with basic situations. Riding in the car was a real challenge. He would glue himself to the floorboard.

After several months we rescued a Rottweiler and that helped Cody gain the confidence he has today. Our fur babies are very bonded. Cody weighs approximately 100lbs and does not worry about his past. Riding in the car has also changed. When it is bye-bye time, it is a race to see who get in the truck/car first.

German Shepherd. Photo: Flickr/Rennett Stowe

It was a “ruff” start for Cody. However, he has become the most loving and loyal fur baby. His little sister, Rayne Marie, is very bonded with him. It was an upward climb, but it was totally worth every challenge and trial we went through with both dogs. Our fur babies are healthy, happy and very much loved. There is a saying that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Our treasures are named Cody and Rayne.

Story submitted by Marlaina from Lancaster, CA.

These rescue stories were originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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