It is with anticipatory nostalgia that I write my last blog as the Editor in Chief of Cancer.Net. It has been my privilege to work with an inspiring group of volunteers and staff over the past 6 years. Working together, we expanded the content and reach of Cancer.Net and adapted to face new health challenges by giving our readers important, timely information, including throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our experts on the Cancer.Net Editorial Board and the rest of the team at ASCO are committed to keeping the content fresh and evidence-based, and they recognize the power of sharing patient and survivor stories to help sustain and inspire those living with and beyond cancer.

Over the past several years, I have participated in several ASCO programs and have recorded podcasts and videos that still live on Cancer.Net. Our producer frequently commented during the recordings that I seemed very calm, even when discussing difficult topics. That’s because I learned from my patients that it is important to stay calm in order to understand the complexities that a life-changing illness and existential threat such as cancer can bring.

Having access to high-quality information can help people with cancer find their own sense of calm during the often-challenging time of a cancer diagnosis. It can also help them maintain that same sense of calm as they navigate the many stages of treatment and recovery. Cancer.Net was launched 19 years ago to make it easier to find high-quality information online from trusted voices. Since then, it has grown to include updates about the latest research, insightful patient and survivor stories, and useful resources delivered across many different media, including podcasts and videos.

Every Editor in Chief of Cancer.Net brings their own vision, and my vision is reflected in the expansion of content addressing supportive care, also called palliative care, for different populations living with and beyond cancer, as well as in the expanded translation of our content into Spanish and other languages. It is with great pride that I can say that Cancer.Net is now a trusted resource for more people across the globe whose lives are affected by cancer.

I am thrilled that Dr. Jyoti Patel will be taking over as Cancer.Net’s next Editor in Chief. She will bring her wisdom, enthusiasm, and creativity to the role. Jyoti knows the importance of providing a good dose of compassion mixed in with cancer treatment, and she remains unflappable despite her multiple roles as an academic leader, doctor, researcher, and mother.

It has been an honor to serve as the Cancer.Net Editor in Chief, and I look forward to celebrating more milestones and achievements of Cancer.Net under Jyoti’s leadership.