Kia Moerlein was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer while pregnant with her fourth child.Moerlein is the mother to three beautiful girls, and she and her husband, James, were expecting their first boy.However, over the course of the pregnancy, Moerlein began experiencing pain in her left breast. It spread to her legs and pelvis, and kept getting more intense.Moerlein eventually was unable to walk.Photo: Facebook/Kia Moerlein
She brought the concerns to her doctors, but they told her the pain was related to the pregnancy. Moerlein, who was on her fourth pregnancy and hadn’t experience anything like this previously, knew it wasn’t.“I knew in my heart something was wrong,” she said.Finally, the pain in her back grew so severe that Moerlein had to go to the emergency room.Photo: Facebook/Kia Moerlein
After going through tests, she found out that she had breast cancer that had already spread to her spine, skull, and lymph nodes. She was facing terminal breast cancer.This began a roughly one-month hospital stay.James was born via c-section early, at 30 weeks and 6 days. He immedietely went to the NICU.Photo: YouTube/WLWTMoerlein was able to go home but it’s been hard being without her newborn.“It hurts. It’s like taking a piece of me away cause I can’t bring him home,” Moerlein said tearfully.
Photo: YouTube/WLWTMoerlein began chemotherapy, and noticed her hair beginning to fall out very soon afterwards.“After about a week and a half I started losing my hair. So the day we got home I shaved it. I just instantly wanted to shave,” she said.Photo: YouTube/WLWT
Shaving it herself rather than watching it fall off bit by bit was a way for her to take back control.“I did it here the day I came home and I wanted my daughters here to see it. That gave me power. My 5 year old came up and grabbed my hand and said, ‘You can do it,’” said Moerlein.Photo: Facebook/Kia MoerleinThe cancer has spread to Moerlein’s pelvic bone, which is now fractured. However, her doctors are optimistic that she’ll be able to go into remission. She will have to be on medication for the rest of her life.“I will get through it. I can fight it. I can,” she said.Learn more in this video.Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource