Mikayla Smith is currently in her final year at Oklahoma University, but already works weekends at KXII, a CBS and FOX affiliate in Sherman, Texas, as a freelance meteorologist.

The weather, breaking news, and most information are all at our fingertips, thanks to modern technology. While it is easy for most people to use their phones, the Internet and social media to find these things out, many of these platforms don’t have reliable closed captioning for members of the deaf community or those who are hard of hearing.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Smith recognized this and knew she wanted to help. That’s when she started “Signing Science with Smith,” where she gives weather updates and science tidbits that are accessible to both the hearing and the deaf.

She has learned American Sign Language and signs everything she is saying during her forecasts.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Smith has been passionate about sign language ever since she was little, when her mom went to college for special education. Smith began learning ASL in seventh grade and continued with it through her senior year.

Her videos have gone viral and she is blown away by the positive response. She is happy to see the impact and hopes her signing will inspire others to learn sign language.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Countless meteorologists have already contacted her, wanting to learn sign language too and wanting her to point them in the right direction on where to begin.

Learn more about Smith and her “Signing Science with Smith,” videos below, and click here to follow her on Instagram.

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