Hair is usually a big part of any woman’s identity. Unfortunately, some ladies have medical issues that prevent their luscious manes from growing to their full potential.As you can imagine, it’s especially hard for these women to embrace the “bald is beautiful” look when there are so few examples of just how stunning females can look without hair.Luckily, Kristi Tavenner and her 7-year-old daughter, Rose, changed everything when the pair posed for a bald photo shoot.Kristi was diagnosed with breast cancer and became bald due chemotherapy. On the other hand, little Rose was completely healthy apart from her hair loss, due to alopecia.It isn’t the first time someone has embraced their hair loss in a photo shoot, but it might be the first time such an adorable mother-daughter duo got in front of the camera together for this amazing reason.[H/T: People]Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters
A few pictures from the photo shoot were shared by photographer and family friend Kellie Rose on the Love What Matters Facebook page.The post gained popularity almost immediately, with over 14,000 reactions and 764 shares.Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose Photography
Kellie shares in the caption:Both of these gorgeous ladies are bald for different reasons. My beautiful friend Kristi has been battling breast cancer and her sweet 7-year-old daughter, Rose, suffers from alopecia.Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose PhotographyRose began going out fully bald when all her hair fell out a few years ago. It was beautiful to hear from Kristi about how Rose helped her to be brave when she began to lose her hair during chemotherapy treatments.Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose Photography
They are two of the most beautiful people I’ve met, inside and out. They are here to show everyone that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose Photography
Being bald may not be what we consider to be conventionally beautiful, but the fearlessness (and good looks) of these two transcend traditional standards.Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose Photography
More or less everyone who’s stumbled across the photos agrees that the pair is heartwarming.One user points out in the comments, “I just see a beautiful mom and daughter.”Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose PhotographySomeone else said, “Hair doesn’t define your beauty ladies your beautiful hearts do.”Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose Photography
Another user was right when they said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words these are worth a million! Absolutely stunning. You can see and feel the love.”Photo: Facebook/Kellie Rose PhotographyKristi and Rose both show us how it is possible to rise above and despite adversity in order to create something truly beautiful and unique.Be sure to SHARE this story with someone who will be able to feel the love!This story originally appeared at LittleThings.Source