After 20 years and over $60 million raised to make a meaningful impact in lives around the world, is relaunching with a new look, and a renewed commitment to lending support where it matters most.For the last 7 years, your clicks at the GreaterGood website have helped support hundreds of small projects that aid people, pets, and the planet. In just the last few weeks, your clicks have helped fund specialized care programs for those living with Alzheimer’s, you have improved the likelihood of adoption for often-anxious shelter pets, and you’ve helped us donate 1,000 books to children in need!This support has changed lives, and it’s about to make an even bigger difference when, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, every click on will support 24 of our most important programs.We chose to fund these 24 programs with the clicks from because they represent areas that we can have huge impact and where the need is the greatest.Here are just a few:

Mae Tao clinicWhen Wai di went into premature labor at 7 months, she had not received any prenatal advice. The physical strain made her lose consciousness, and her family transported her to the Mae Tao Clinic for emergency care. At MTC, staff helped her safely deliver her twin babies (just 2.5 lbs each) and supported her as she came to the realization of being a new mother of twins!Wai Di now visits the clinic twice a month, faced with a $15 bill for each round trip, more than she can afford.“I need to come more often because I cannot bring two babies at the same time as I cannot hold them both on the motorcycle,” she says. “It is burdensome and costly but thanks to the clinic (WHICH YOUR DONATIONS HELP COVER) I do not need to pay for any medical bills. I know the trips are worth it for my babies health and I’d like to thank you for caring about us.”Along the Thai/Burmese border, infant mortality rates are 5 times higher and maternal mortality rates are 24 times higher than the rest of Thailand. Stories like Wai Di’s are all too common, but the costs of the care mothers like her need is being covered by generous donors like you, through clicks on

Rescue BankPet food suppliers are often left with surplus product, whether from making too much, mislabeling bags, or manufacturing a batch of kibble that comes out the wrong color. This food is new and perfectly nutritious, but because suppliers can’t sell it, they donate it to rescue organizations.The food is given free of charge, but suppliers providing the food may not be located near a shelter that needs it. The rising cost of fuel makes transit and storage of large quantities of pet food expensive, and can prevent shelters and rescue groups from using this amazing resource.Rescue Bank, a signature program of, stands ready to distribute this viable pet food to animal rescue organizations who can use it, and help from visitors like you make it all possible.

Project WildcatDue to a decrease of inhabitable land, jaguars, ocelots, and other predators have resorted to attacking and eating local livestock to survive. Over the past three years, 8% of Sonora’s jaguar population have been killed by ranchers who felt threatened by the natural predators. At this rate, the Sonoran jaguar population could be wiped out in just a few decades.In order to save these majestic cats, is working with Primero Conservation to double the size of their 35,000-acre wildlife corridor strategically located just north of the existing Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sonora. We are working with the landowners of six connected and contiguous ranches who are agreeing to refrain from killing jaguars and other predators in exchange for training, supplies, and equipment to protect their cattle. Your donation would help us by offsetting cattle deaths with these incentives. Then these ranchers can no longer justify killing jaguars and other predators like mountain lions, ocelots, and bears.There are only an estimated 80 jaguars left in Northern Sonora, Mexico. This endangered population is the last hope for the species’ reintroduction into the US, and with help from people like you, we can make sure these cats survive.

Girls VoicesGirls’ Voices is working with 400 young women in 20 countries to ignite creativity, resilience, and leadership worldwide, through the power of digital media storytelling and education.Every child deserves a high-quality education. Yet even today, barriers still exist for girls to achieve their basic right to go to school and remain in school. Right now more than 130 million girls are not in school. This is the direct result of cultural, social, and economic barriers that stand in the way of girls who want to learn. Supporting adolescent girls’ education can have catalyzing effects in transforming not only one girl’s life, but her community as well. Educated girls are likely to earn more income, marry later, survive childbirth, less likely to acquire diseases, more likely to send her children to school, increase a country’s GDP, and be prepared for natural disasters and climate change.Your donations are helping girls facing financial barriers complete their secondary education, and keeping girls in school when they otherwise wouldn’t be.Clicks and donations from supporters like you are critical to the success of these and the other 21 programs facilitated by more about our company, our signature programs, and the work we do to support people, pets, and the planet on the new, this Wednesday, Oct. 2. While you’re there, make sure you click to support other vital charitable efforts.Source