During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all stuck in our homes during quarantine, unable to see our family for months. Some people had to wait even longer to see their loved ones who are in nursing homes, since they were not allowing visitors.

What was only months long felt like an eternity, so imagine what the Rodriguez brothers felt after not seeing their parents in person for 22 years.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

The brothers left for Mexico decades ago, while their parents stayed behind. Due to many reasons, their parents were never able to come to America, and vice versa, so their only way to see each other was via video chat.

During their time apart, the Rodriguez brothers ended up raising families of their own, which made it even more difficult that their own parents weren’t around to see it. The brothers were most sad around the holidays; celebrating that time without them just wasn’t the same.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Finally, after 22 years apart, their parents were finally able to visit the United States to see their sons.

Juan Carlos’ daughter, Arleth, filmed their reunion and posted it online, which quickly went viral.

In the video, you can see the Rodriguez brothers waiting for their parents at the airport. As soon as they see them, they shout their name and give them the biggest hugs, with tears in their eyes. Juan Carlos said he felt like a kid and never wanted to let go of his parents.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Their parents, of course, were just as happy to see their sons. They couldn’t believe that they were finally together again.

Juan Carlos hopes their story will inspire others to not give up on reuniting with loved ones in other countries.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

While their parents have since returned home to Mexico, the brothers definitely won’t let another 22 years go by before seeing them again.

Watch their heartfelt reunion in the video below:

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