In the wake of the winter storms in the south, you and other generous donors have helped GreaterGood raise more than $367,000 (and counting) to help the people and animals affected by these frigid conditions.

In mid-February, 2021, days of brutal winter storms plagued Texas and other southern states. The freezing temperatures, coupled with a buildup of snow and ice, disabled the power grid and caused burst pipes and downed power lines, leaving millions without electricity, heat, and water.

In Texas, more than 3 million individuals and businesses have gone days without power, and more than 14.4 million residents—half the state’s population—have at some point lacked access to safe and potable water due to frozen or burst pipes and disruptions in the water service.

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Leaks are resulting in property damage, and people and animals are literally freezing in their own homes. Store shelves have been emptied of water and many of the items people and animals need to survive. Animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers are struggling to keep thousands of injured and homeless animals alive while they wait for the power to come back on.

GreaterGood Charities is working hard to respond quickly where it is needed most. Your generous donations have helped us fund our disaster response efforts to help people, pets, and wildlife in the areas most affected by these winter storms. Already, more than $367,000 has been raised, several emergency grants have been distributed, and more requests are being reviewed with the aim of offering additional support in the coming days.

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Below is a list of the ways your donations have allowed us to support people and animals suffering in Texas and other southern states. This information was last updated on February 23, 2021.

Your Donations in Action

$10,000 cash grant to Houston Humane, thanks to Tito’s Handmade Vodka and The Animal Rescue Site, to care for pets injured or affected by the storms, as well as a truckload of pet food courtesy of PetSmart Charities and bedding and crates thanks to The Animal Rescue Site.

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$5,000 cash grant to Big Sky Ranch to care for exposed animals and purchase straw/bedding to keep them warm and a truckload of Purina® canned cat food and blankets from The Animal Rescue Site.

$5,000 cash grant to Brazoria County SPCA for ground transport and veterinary care.

$5,000 cash grant to Humane Society of Tulsa for veterinary assistance for exposure injuries, straw for the community, and propane for the shelter, as well as 43 pallets of dog and cat food thanks to Smucker’s®.

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$2,000 cash grant to Cabot Animal Support Services for forklift rental to continue serving pet food needs for multiple counties.

$60,000 cash grant to Food Bank of Rio Grande Valley to provide 15,000 emergency food packs (over 240,000 meals) for families without access to food and water.

$25,000 cash grant to Houston Food Bank for community feeding.

$5,000 cash grant to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank for community feeding.

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Emergency truckload of wet cat food sent to Austin Pets Alive thanks to Purina®.

Emergency truckload of wet cat food sent to Brazoria SPCA thanks to Purina®.

Swift support for the people and animals affected by these winter storms is still needed. If you are able to contribute, please give to help those affected during this crisis.

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With your help, we hope to continue providing much-needed food, generators, insulating bedding, pet food, veterinary medical support, and emergency cash grants.

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