When we’re hurt or going through a tough time, it’s natural for many of us to yearn for our mothers. That’s what happened when Danielle Span was diagnosed with breast cancer.At first, the 36-year-old mom of four was told that doctors would just monitor the lump in her breast and it wasn’t anything to worry about. But when she began to bleed from the area, Spann grew concerned. Her doctor told her it was mastitis and prescribed her an antibiotic.Spann had a gut feeling it was more than that, though, so she made an appointment with Cancer Treatment Centers of American in Tulsa.They confirmed she had breast cancer.Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTV
Spann began an intense regimen of treatment. She underwent a double mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemo, and radiation, plus a year of infusions. Her doctors treated the cancer aggressively because she was so young.“When something scary happens like that, you’re kind of put back in the place of a little girl seeking that mother’s comfort,” Spann told News On 6.Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTVHer mom, Lisa Heineman, lived seven hours away in Illinois — but she knew she had to be by her daughter’s side as she went through this.
So she made the drive over and over again to be there for her various treatments, listening to worship music and focusing on healing as she drove. Sometimes she took Spann’s children with her.Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTV“As a mom, you just want to take the load away and take the pain away,” Heineman said.With her mother’s love as well as her family’s, and a strong faith, Spann got through treatments and overcame her fear.
Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTVAfter almost two years of battling the disease, Spann is now cancer-free — just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.“I hope to one day be the same kind of mom to my kids as she has shown me,” Spann said.Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTVLearn more in the video.Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource