The birth of one special little boy in Japan has captured the hearts of people worldwide. Yes, babies are born every day, but this baby is unique.Because he was so incredibly early, he was very small — less than a pound. He weighed in at only nine and a half ounces.He was born at 24 weeks gestation, and delivered by c-section.The little one stopped gaining weight during the gestation period, and so doctors knew that they had to save his life — and fast. If they hadn’t sprung into action as quickly as they did and delivered him right away, he likely would have died.This is truly an inspirational story.
After his birth, he was immediately placed into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The baby could fit inside of a pair of cupped hands, and needed lots of care and attention.Though it took a bit of time, he eventually learned how to breastfeed. Over the next several months, he slowly started to gain weight.
Eventually, after five long months of professional care and monitoring, he was able to go home. Right before he left, he weighed in at about seven pounds.His mom was overjoyed. For a while, she wasn’t sure she would ever be able to bring her little one home.Mini miracle:
A baby born in Tokyo weighing just 286 grams – the same as a large onion – has gone home healthy after 5 months’ treatment
— AFP news agency (@AFP) February 27, 2019
His mom’s resilience and perserverance were admirable. This type of early birth is so stressful on parents, and she handled this terrible waiting game with patience.
The Department of Pediatrics at Keio University Hospital was phenomenal. The little boy was the smallest they’d ever seen, and they worked hard to keep him alive. His story is such an inspiration to parents all over the world who face similar early births or low birth weights for their own children.Children who are born underweight can still live happy, healthy lives — even if they’re as underweight as this little boy was!Record books show that this little one was lighter than the previous record holder by a mere six grams.
Interestingly enough, girls who are born underweight typically have a better chance of survival then boys who are born underweight.Isn’t modern science jaw-dropping? Children like this used to have no chance of surviving once they were born. But now, even the tiniest of babes have the ability to thrive thanks to modern medicine and technology.We wish the best for this little boy and his family.He has an amazing story to tell as he grows up!This story originally appeared at Goodfullness.Source