Everyone deserves a chance at a job after graduating high school. That’s why Kim Mileszko has made it her mission to help special needs students achieve success after graduation.

Mileszko is a job developer for the Lenape Regional High School District in Burlington County, New Jersey, where she works with special needs students aged 17-21.

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She places these students from four different high schools into job training programs and internships after they graduate to ensure that they continue to grow and become successful.

Mileszko contacts local businesses, organizations, and community groups, and asks them in what way her students could help them.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

She has played a significant part in helping these students, who are often overlooked by the business community, gain the social and physical skills they will need to become productive members of society.

Thanks to her, countless special needs students who were struggling to find jobs have now found success.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

“I believe everyone is born with a specific set of gifts and talents and skills,” Mileszko said. “And it has been by greatest honor to be able to tap into my student’s strengths and match them with area employers who are able to benefit from those strengths.”

Because of her kindness and efforts in helping her students, she has won the USA TODAY Best of Humankind’s Educator of the Year award.

Learn more about her story in the video below:

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