Nathan and Kayla Dahl lost their sense of taste and smell while recovering from COVID-19, so when their Alvord, Texas home was on fire in the middle of the night, they were unable to smell the smoke.

Their two-year-old, Brandon, is now being hailed a hero after he warned them of the fire and saved his family.

Brandon walked into his parents’ bedroom while they were sleeping to warn them about the flames.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“He tapped me on my feet in bed and was coughing and saying, ‘Mama, hot. Mama, hot,’” Kayla told Good Morning America. “I turned around. I looked and all I saw was flames in the doorway.”

Nathan is a six-year volunteer firefighter, so he had already prepared his kids on how to handle a situation like this.

Since they were prepared, the Dahls and their five children quickly made their way outside the house, which sadly ended up being completely destroyed by the fire.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Not only did they lose everything inside the home, but they also lost their car as well. Despite everything they’ve lost, they are lucky to be alive and thankful for their toddler.

“Brandon saved us,” Kayla said. “He was wrapped in in God’s arms to help protect him and to make sure that our entire family was able to get out.”

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

The fire was believed to be caused by a gas heater and the fire alarm didn’t go off until they had already escaped the burning home.

Hear the full story in the video below:

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