It truly is the little things in life – the everyday things that we often take for granted – that are the most precious memories that we end up cherishing. If we are able to enjoy simple pleasures, such as going out to eat with our family, then we should consider ourselves lucky a hundred times over that we’re able to just pile in the car and go eat wherever we’re craving a bite. For one family in Texas, the luxury of getting to go out to a favorite restaurant as a family and enjoy a meal together is not always possible due to concern for their daughter’s health.
Adelaide Stanley is a 3-years-old living with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Ever since her July 2019 diagnosis, her family has had their world turned upside down as they battle with their daughter’s illness – they are constantly vigilant to keep Adelaide away from potential sicknesses. As a result, they’ve had to avoid public places, such as crowded restaurants, where she could come in contact with germs.Source