On Giving Tuesday, You Helped Us Raise $334,449 For People, Pets, And The Planet

Thanks to donations from people like you, GreaterGood.org had their second-best Giving Tuesday on record in 2019. It was the second-largest single online giving day from individual donors in the history of GreaterGood!In total, we helped GreaterGood.org raise $334,449.91 to protect people, pets, and the planet.Remember, that’s just our GivingTuesday campaigns for one day — it doesn’t include other Gifts That Give More that gathered donations that day or throughout the year.It all would have been impossible without you.We’re offering up a sincere thank you to our community of donors. Your passion for giving where it matters inspires us and drives us to do better — and your generosity has a direct impact in the world.Here’s how things broke down for our campaigns:
Pet Food Drive: $226,367.93 RaisedThis represents over 4.5 million meals for shelter and rescue pets in need. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorgHome For the Holidays: $80,433 RaisedThis provides housing for homeless veterans and their pets. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorg
Food Drive for People: $6,682.07 RaisedThis represents over 66,000 meals for hungry people around the globe. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorgAcre Drive: $5,834.87 RaisedThis represents 583 acres preserved. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorg
Mae Tao Clinic Safe Births: $922.03 RaisedThis represents 10 safe childbirths. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorgMammography Drive: $5,738.05 RaisedThis represents over 20 mammograms for Thinking Pink Foundation. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorg
Girls’ Voices Scholarship Drive: $5,336.01 RaisedThis will fund 17 annual scholarships. You can still donate here.Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorgThe GreaterGood network of sites wouldn’t be where it is today without you. We are grateful for and humbled by your generosity, and we look forward to continuing our impact worldwide.It’s amazing what we can do together.Thank you!Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource