When 49-year-old Laurel Komarny was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2021, she was shocked, terrified, and had no idea what to expect, especially since she had always been healthy and active.

She lost both her father and a close friend to cancer, so she immediately assumed the worst.

Photo: YouTube/Denver7

But after worrying for days on end, she decided to change her entire mindset. She knew that if she focused on the important things and took control of the things she could control, that her anxiety would fade away and she would be able to be much more positive.

In addition to working on her mindset, she also changed her diet and began meditation. she researched books to read about things you should and shouldn’t do when you have cancer, and thought she would give it a shot.

Photo: YouTube/Denver7

She cut out fried foods and processed foods, along with alcohol. Once she changed her diet and began to meditate, her anxiety she’s had even prior to her cancer diagnosis began to wither away.

“Pounds that I had gained in middle age that you just attribute to middle age had also started to fall off and even just aches and pains that existed prior to the diagnosis had also remedied themselves,” Komarny told Denver7.

Photo: YouTube/Denver7

Komarny eventually underwent a lumpectomy at UCHealth to remove the cancerous tumor, which was thankfully a success.

Komarny has been cancer-free ever since and more active than ever. She says changing her mindset and physical being has been a huge game-changer and really helped her get through such a difficult time in her life.

Hear her story in the video below:

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