Matthew Fennell is walking over 3,000 miles across Australia for an important cause and one that is near and dear to his heart.

Last year, one of Fennell’s close friends sadly passed away from a medical issue. Less than two months after he died, his partner was struggling to cope with his death and was lost to suicide.

Fennell has been on the road for more than five months and has received an incredible amount of support with hundreds of messages on his social media.

His walk, which he is calling the Cape to Cape for a Life Worth Living walk, is raising funds for the Black Dog Institute, a nonprofit facility for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Fennell has donated $25,000 of the funds raised and said there’s already another $15,000 to be donated with even more as his walk continues.

During his Cape to Cape walk, Fennell hopes he can spread several important messages.

“You control your own happiness, you can never control another human being, you don’t have to do life but you get to do it and the only person who can do your life is you,” he told Port News.

Click here to follow Fennell’s journey on Facebook, and hear more of his story in the video below:

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