Cancer is very difficult for those dealing with it. But equally as difficult is the process of chemotherapy. One thing that we all know about the effects of chemo, is that it causes patients to lose their hair. For many of us, our hair is part of what makes us feel like ourselves. To lose hair – as well as eyebrows or lashes – can be a very jarring experience for chemotherapy patients.

One Pittsburgh-based makeup artist, Norman Freeman, recognizes the gravity of hair loss and did something very kind for women who were facing chemotherapy. In order to make them feel like themselves and give them a confidence boost, Freeman went around to different hospitals giving cancer patients free makeovers. But it wasn’t just the hospitals in his vicinity that he visited, he even managed to travel to other hospitals across the country.

When speaking to The Shade Room, Freeman explained his motivation behind his kind deeds. As he explained, he lives with alopecia, meaning that he faced years of taunting for not having eyebrows or eyelashes. The cruelty really affected his confidence, and he even faced dark times where he felt suicidal because of the bullying.

However, for Freeman, it was makeup that brought him back to life. Once he discovered the power of contouring and highlighting, he slowly started to regain his spirit. He stated, “When I put makeup on, it makes me feel so good about myself.” And it was this boost that helped him to see that he is beautiful with or without makeup. It was also this confidence boost that he wanted to share with others, in order to remind them that no matter what they’re facing, they’re still the strong and beautiful people they’ve always been.

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Freeman used his Instagram account as a platform to document what he was doing – including making specific visits to patients who reached out to him on social media. Freeman’s quest completely self-funded, although he did set up a GoFundMe page in order reach more people and allow others to get involved in his work – which really makes a huge difference.

Check out his work below:

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