A Perth woman has been fighting against aggressive breast cancer, which will result in her having both breasts removed within a month’s time. Last week, she had the chance to meet Hugh Jackman at his concert, The Man. The Music. The Show.Last Wednesday evening, Kylie Beard managed to share a special moment on stage with the internationally known actor after he spotted her in the crowd holding up a sign with multiple pink ribbons that read, “Please hug me, Hugh. My boobs are trying to kill me.” Jackman immediately jumped off the stage in order to embrace Beard.Photo: 9News
43-year-old Beard gave an emotional interview with 9News Perth in order to deliver an important message. Beard – who will be going through her final chemotherapy treatment Thursday – has the BRCA gene, a gene that increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.Beard is warning other women to begin getting checked after they turn 40. She said, “Growing up in Australia, in my head, it was that when we’re 50, we need to be checked. My grandma also died from breast cancer when she was 47, so that’s where the mutation has come from on my dad’s side. We grow up thinking that it’s what’s on our mum’s side of the family that matters when it comes to breast cancer, but in actual fact, it’s come via my dad.”Photo: 9News
Regarding the moment when she was hugged by Jackman, Beard said to 9News that he’d spotted her from the stage while he was telling the crowd about his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.“He was talking about how he met Deb and the meaning purpose she gives to his life, and I felt really awful cos we kind of interrupted that, but I was there with my sign and that’s when he noticed it,” Beard recounted to reporter Darius Winterfield.Source