Firefighters save lives as part of their job, but this group of firefighters are deemed heroes for more than just their firefighter duties.

When they aren’t fighting fires, these men from the Milwaukee Fire Department are helping Komen Wisconsin fight breast cancer.

Photo: YouTube/Natalie Shepherd

For years, the firefighters have been part of the Komen Wisconsin More Than Pink Walk, which helps raise money for breast cancer research and care.

Firefighter Kendrick Ashley has been involved with Komen for a long time, and this year he is working there as a heavy equipment operator.

Photo: YouTube/Natalie Shepherd

“I’m always going to do it, for as long as they’ll let me, and I have a great time doing it,” Ashley told CBS 58.

Local 215 President Eric Daun has also been involved with Komen, and says his mom, Patty, is his inspiration. Patty herself is a breast cancer survivor of 15 years. She just had a check-up and mammogram last week and continues to feel great.

Photo: YouTube/Natalie Shepherd

Daun and his fellow firefighters will be handing out pink roses at the walk.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Patty told CBS. “I love getting a rose from my son.”

Although many of the firefighters have participated in the walk for many years, it will also be the first time others have had the privilege of joining the cause.

Photo: YouTube/Natalie Shepherd

MFD Chief Aaron Lipski will be attending the event for the first time at the finish line.

“To just see the expressions on people’s faces, right? Everybody loves a firefighter,” Lipski said. “It’s a very, very emotional intersection right at that finish line and we’re honored to be included in that.”

Photo: YouTube/Natalie Shepherd

In addition to helping out at the walk, the Milwaukee Fire Department has been raising money for years. Selling pink MFD t-shirts and auctioning dinners up on stage at the More Than Pink Gala, the department has raised $30,000 this year for Susan G. Komen.

The More Than Pink Walk takes place on September 26 at Henry Maier Festival Park. So far, they have already raised $264,766.94.

The money will go towards research, as well as care that ensures all have access to quality screening, diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

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