Sadly, many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and life has become harder than ever. Some people, especially single parents, have nowhere to turn.

That’s where Family Haven comes in.

Family Haven, a program run by the Salvation Army in Alabama, is not only a place of shelter, refuge, and safety, but it is also family, guidance, support, and hope.

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The shelter welcomes both single and two parent families, and provides emergency housing for homeless families while teaching the life skills needed to transition and maintain permanent housing.

Family Haven provides shelter, food, basic needs, and clothing for families in crisis to begin to heal. The families also receive services that help them with budgeting, communication skills, parenting, stress management, finding a job, and so much more.

Photo: YouTube/NBC 15

Mothers like Tytianna Dunn are so grateful for Family Haven for giving her and her four-month-old baby a warm place to sleep. Before coming to Family Haven, she had been living on the street and sitting outside a hotel with nowhere else to go.

Thanks to Family Haven’s services, Dunn is now going to school to become a certified nursing assistant. They provided her with clothes to wear and even gave her baby a car seat and a new stroller.

Photo: YouTube/NBC 15

“I just love this place, like, it’s home,” Dunn told NBC 15.

Click here to learn more about Family Haven, and watch their story in the video below:

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