If you have a dog in your life, you know how good it feels to come home to them and their wagging tail after a difficult day at work. It seems as if those good feelings can extend even further than a bad day. When you hear about what happened to one man who was sick in the hospital after his dog came for a visit, your dog will be getting some extra treats.Flavio Santos was receiving cancer treatments at the Hospital Memorial São José in Brazil for a few weeks. He found it difficult to get from one day to the next but along with the treatment, he also had the knowledge that his dog, Agadir was at home. He missed his furry friend very much.Photo: Facebook / Hospital Memorial São JoséFlavio was being cared for by nurses who understood how difficult it could be for somebody to stay that long in a hospital. Those nurses didn’t want his spirit to be broken so they arranged for a surprise that was sure to brighten his day.
When Agadir was brought to the hospital for a visit, it was a reunion that not only brightened his day, it made his entire hospital stay just a little bit less taxing. Flavio welcomed his beloved dog from his wheelchair. Agadir came over to him and climbed right up into his lap for some hugs and kisses. Tears of joy were streaming down Flavio’s face during this special moment.Photo: Facebook / Hospital Memorial São JoséBoth Flavio and his beloved dog seemed to love the experience. He even said that it was the best day he had in the hospital since arriving. The real surprise was not the dog coming to visit his owner, it was the impact that it had on Flavio that nobody expected.Photo: Facebook / Hospital Memorial São JoséAfter the short reunion between Flavio and Agadir, a positive change in the health of their patient was noted by the doctors. It seemed as if his overall outlook was transformed.
“I was surprised,” Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi said. “He was conscious, oriented and talking.”The doctor went on to discuss the psychological and physical benefits that seem to come when patients receive visits from their pets. Some of those specific benefits can include a lower heart rate and blood pressure along with an increase in appetite.“We visibly noticed his improvement the other day,” Dr. Tancredi said. “The improvement occurred in a gradual way and remains.”The difference that was seen in Flavio’s health was so profound that he may be going home sooner than anybody anticipated.“I talked about the possibility of him being discharged [from the hospital],” the doctor said.Photo: Facebook / Hospital Memorial São JoséIt seems as if this was the first time a pet was allowed to visit this hospital. Considering the positive outcome of this visit, however, it may only be the first of many.
We hope that Flavio has a speedy recovery and is home with Agadir as soon as possible.Source