Kevin Hughes is not your average school bus driver. He was recently named the Transportation Department’s Employee of the Year, and for very good reason.

Hughes, who drives a bus for the Mehlville, Missouri School District, wears different costumes every day to put a smile on the kids’ faces and get them excited for school.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

He wears a bunny costume near Easter, a leprechaun outfit for St. Patrick’s Day, a Santa suit for Christmas, and many other outfits that turn heads.

Hughes was once a student in the same district he drives for now and loves watching the kids who are following in his footsteps. His main goal is to just make them feel good and smile.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, kids were unable to go to school and were forced to attend “virtual” school instead. This made learning very tough and stressful for some kids, and took away the excitement of riding the school bus and seeing their friends.

Now that schools are opening up again, kids are back to riding the bus, and Hughes wanted to make sure their experience was as happy and and stress-free as possible.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“These are trying times…If I’ve made you laugh, I’ve done my job,” he told kmov.

When the kids get on the 229 bus, the first thing they do is look at Hughes to see what costume he is wearing that day. They are also greeted by a big smile, and it’s such a nice way for them to start their school day.

Hear more of this heartwarming story and see some of Hughes’ quirky costumes in the video below:

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