According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer within their lifetime. This makes breast cancer the most common form of cancer to occur amongst American women. This year alone, it is estimated that 41,760 women will be dying from the disease across the US. That is insane to wrap your mind around! That is also why getting annual screenings is so very important!The earlier that breast cancer can be detected means the better the survival rate. In fact, 62% of cases of breast cancer are diagnosed during a localized stage. When it is detected at this stage, that means that the 5-year survival rate is 99% – this definitely gives a fighting chance to women.This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’re proud to be teaming up with @coppafeelpeople
to launch Life Saving Lingerie!!
We’ve created 3 bras to remind you to check your breasts! #justcheckedShop-— (@boohoo) October 22, 2019
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BooHoo – the online clothing retailer – is planning to honor the importance of the month by teaming up with cancer charity CoppaFeel! in order to release a new bra line which actually helps the wearer to check themselves for breast cancer.
This potentially lifesaving concept was the brain child of creative agency AMV BBDO and Joyride – who teamed up together in order to design and produce the bras. The bras also come with matching panties, but the most important fact about the bras is that they have three different patterns – each one subtly shows the wearer the proper way to check their breasts, armpit, and collarbone.So you may be wondering how exactly the bras work? The wearer has to follow the pattern, using their hands and fingers, to trace the pattern over their entire chest area before working up towards the collarbone and then under the armpit.While it is better to check the breasts when not wearing a bra, the idea of the bra is to give the wearers a guide as to how and where to properly check themselves.Currently, potential buyers have a choice between three different patterns – and each one works well as a patterned guide.Currently, there is a bandeau bralette with zig-zag pattern, which comes with high-waist panties, as well as a black bralette with a star pattern on it, which has Brazilian panties. Both sets are about $15. The third one is a black and white zebra pattern with a thong, and that one is $14.Photo: BooHoo
Photo: BooHooPhoto: BooHooEvery design provides the wearer with a different way of checking as well as learning about what feels normal to the wearer. This is very important. Becoming familiar with your breasts and what feels normal, is the best way of detecting when something is off – nobody knows your body the way you do.
Should you ever spot any unusual changes to your breasts, chest, armpit, or collarbone, then it is important to pay a visit to your doctor and raise your concerns. Getting checked as quickly as possible is the best way to combat any potential problems.Changes to your nipples can mean that something’s not quite right. If you notice unusual discharge (liquid from your nipple), a rash, or if your nipple has become inverted/changed direction then make sure you book an appointment with your doctor and get it off your chest. 🔍— CoppaFeel! (@CoppaFeelPeople) October 22, 2019
It is also important to remember that women aren’t the only ones who are susceptible to breast cancer. Men need to be reminded that they’re not immune either just because they have smaller breasts – that is why men should also get to know their bodies and seek medical advice should they notice any changes.
So don’t forget to do your regular self-checks at home, get your annual screenings, and save the tatas!Source