10-year-old Megan Ragucci was in just 1st grade when she was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, a rare and lifelong condition.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services describes Alopecia Universalis as being “characterized by the complete loss of hair on the scalp and body.” Losing your hair can be devastating as an adult, but even more so as a child.

Hair can be a form of identity and being hairless makes you “different” from your peers. While it may not be life-threatening, it can be really hard to experience and can feel isolating and lonely.

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It seems the owner of a bagel shop Ragucci frequents, Sunrise Bagels and Cafe, wanted to do something speial for her because of what she’d been through.

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In a Facebook post shared by her mother, Jenn Ragucci, Jenn explained that the owner of the bagel shop, Sam, approached them and said he wanted to shave his head to match Megan. So, they met same at a local barber shop and watched as he shaved his head!

Meg said that seeing Sam shave his head made her happy. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone.

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