Zoe Figueroa just turned 8 years old, but she’s celebrating much more than just her birthday. The young girl also recently got the news that she’s finally done with cancer treatment after 16 months.Zoe was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in February 2018. She had a tumor from her chest to her pelvis. Her odds of making it through the illness weren’t great.“Fifty percent of kids don’t make it,” mom Sheena told InsideEdition.com.Zoe underwent a grueling treatment routine that included seven cycles of chemotherapy plus radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, and two stem cell transplants.That’s so much for a little girl to go through, but Zoe persevered.Finally, Zoe finished her treatment — just in time for her eighth birthday.The family threw a big party with 250 guests to celebrate her recovery.
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition“When we started in this, we weren’t sure if she would make it or she wouldn’t,” Sheena explained. “It was really important for us to commemorate what she had been through by celebrating her and her life with a party.”Zoe can’t wait to finally enjoy time with her family again.“Now we go back to normal life, she can go back to school, we can do things as a family that we weren’t able to do before. It’s just a blessing. A huge blessing,” Sheena said.To pay the blessing forward, Zoe decided to donate all of her birthday gifts to kids who are still battling cancer at the hospital.Watch the video to find out more about why this 8-year-old cancer survivor donated all her birthday presents!Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource