Photo: Hanscom Air Force Base and FacebookSome schools are already in session around the country. One little boy named Blake decided to wear a personalized shirt on the first day of school. His mom, Nikki, owns a personalization business. Nikki told Blake that she would make him a special shirt for the first day of school. It could have anything he wanted on it, but what Blake chose will warm your heart.Blake asked his mom for a shirt that said, “I will be your friend,” on it. His reasoning? He wanted all the kids who needed a friend to know that he would be there for them. How sweet is that? Nikki loved how kind her kid was and posted a photo on Facebook.
See a photo of Blake in his special shirtPhoto: FacebookThe caption read, “I have to brag on my son. I told him that as a back to school gift, I will make him any shirt he would like. It could have anything—basketball theme, football, etc., which are all his favorites. He thought a while and said, ‘Will you please make me a shirt that says ‘I will be your friend,’ for all the kids who need a friend to know that I am here for them?’ Never underestimate your kid’s heart for others! I love my sweet Blake! #stopbullying”Photo: Hanscom Air Force BaseWhat do you think of Blake’s idea and his shirt for the first day of school?Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource