For the past 50 years, 75-year-old Peggy Garrison has been in love with flamingos, and is now known as “Flamingo Lady.”

“When I saw them fly, I just thought they were so beautiful,” she told Fox 7.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

It all started when she saw flamingo yard decor at her friend’s house. She then began collecting flamingo items herself, and her collection quickly grew to 158 collectibles.

Sadly, Garrison went under hospice as she battled cancer, but the San Antonio Zoo was able to put a smile on her face and make a lifelong dream come true.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Garrison never thought she’d ever see a flamingo up close and personal, let alone in her own living room, but SA Zoo made it happen!

The zoo brought one of their American Flamingos, named Mango, to surprise Garrison, and her spirit lifted for the first time in a while.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Garrison extended her arm and pet Mango, as her eyes filled with tears. “Thank you,” she said, her emotions growing more intense.

“Part of the zoo’s mission is to inspire people to love animals and the places they live. Peggy certainly loves flamingos, possibly even more than we do. It was an amazing opportunity to help celebrate and honor her life with the help of one of our animals,” said San Antonio Zoo president & CEO Tim Morrow. “We are incredibly honored to be a part of this surprise for Peggy.”

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

Before they left, the zookeepers gave Garrison another surprise: a replica of Mango, making it her 159th flamingo collectible!

Garrison sadly passed away soon after their meeting, but her legacy lives on. In her honor, the SA Zoo has named one of their flamingos Peggy.

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