Brian Schwartz of Wayne, New Jersey had a very difficult year last year, like so many of us. He was laid off from his job last summer because of the pandemic. Many people just like him were left to figure out what was next for them.

Unlike some who immediately felt sorry for themselves, Brian decided that he would use his downtime to help those who mattered the most to him…..his community.

That’s why he began to mow the lawns of local veterans and the elderly for free. From there, the I Want To Mow Your Lawn service was born.

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He now has a website, where visitors are able to put in their ZIP code and find someone who is willing to do volunteer lawn work. Anyone who wants to volunteer is also welcome to sign up on the website.

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Brian’s business got its start in New Jersey, as he was helping people in his region and in the neighboring counties. Now that the business has expanded, he is assisting people in 16 different states. Even California has gotten on board! “It’s a little overwhelming, but it’s inspiring just to know that I’m making a difference,” Schwartz said according to local news.

According to Brian, this is just the beginning. He says that there are so many clients who are in need and they do not have enough volunteers on hand to handle the rush. “We’re going through growing pains,” he said during a recent interview with “There’s a ton of new leads coming in every day,” he continued.

In order to take pressure off his new non-profit organization, Schwartz has been collaborating with professional landscapers who are willing to handle other people’s work even when they are not being paid for their services. Jazz Samad, who is the owner of Jazz Samad Landscaping, got the chance to meet with Brian through the magic of social media. He says that the partnership is paying off and he has been able to find some new paying customers as a result of this venture.

Like so many others, Jazz has used the pandemic as an opportunity to make a new way for himself. Losing your job in the midst of the turmoil is tough but these men are a shining example of what can happen when you are willing to think outside of the box a bit.

You can follow I Want To Mow Your Lawn on Instagram to see more.

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