For thousands of years, people have sought out natural remedies for health issues. Even today, when modern medicine offers solutions to countless ailments, many people still seek out natural remedies to help them with physical and mental issues.Just being outdoors or surrounding yourself with plants in general can have a positive impact on your health — it doesn’t have to be a specific plant.However, there are some plants that have scientific evidence backing up their power. One of those plants is jasmine.It can improve the air quality inside your home, help with insomnia, and combat mental health issues like depression and anxiety.Photo: Goodfullness
The benefits of jasmine are almost shocking. Just take a look in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and you’ll see that jasmine can have a positive effect on a whole host of health conditions.When we’re stressed, taking a deep breath can help ease our panic. There is a direct correlation between our oxygen levels and our stress levels — did you know that? So when we have plant life in our home, it can help naturally boost our oxygen levels. And if it’s a flower, like jasmine, its beautiful scent be soothing, too.Photo: Goodfullness
Research conducted by Hanns Hatt, from the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, revealed that the fragrance of jasmine can help relieve anxiety. In fact, he found that jasmine “can be seen as evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy.”For his research, Hatt studied the effect of jasmine essential oils and jasmine plants on mice, and found that the scents appeared to have a calming effect on them.Additional research has supported its effect on humans as well; inhaling the fragrance contributed to a sense of calm in participants.Photo: Goodfullness
Jasmine contains a chemical known as GABA that affects mood. When released in our system, GABA triggers the nerve cells that relieve anxiety.“We have discovered a new class of GABA receptor modulator which can be administered parenterally and through the respiratory air,” Hatt explained. “Applications in sedation, anxiety, excitement, and aggression relieving treatment and sleep induction therapy are all imaginable.”Photo: Goodfullness
According to the study, Jasmine can have the following effects:– Reduce anxiety and nervous tension
– Boost mood
– Improve cognitive performance and alertness
– Improve sleep quality
– Balance hormones
– Treat hot flashes and mood swings
– Increase libido
Photo: GoodfullnessThe study also compared the anxiety-relieving effects of jasmine to that of medications, and found that jasmine was five times as powerful as certain medications.A few drops of jasmine essential oil could help you get better sleep, increase concentration, ease mild depression and anxiety, and more.According to, “Research at Wheeling Jesuit University by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, assistant professor of psychology, shows dispensing jasmine odor into a room where participants were sleeping led to greater sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement.”Reach out to your doctor or a qualified health provider if you’re interested in using jasmine for its health benefits.h/t: HealthyFoodHouseThis story originally appeared at Goodfullness.Source