When an upbeat Dunkin’ employee didn’t show up for work for a few weeks, some of her customers noticed her absence and became concerned.

One customer, in particular, missed the 33-year-old Ebony Johnson when she didn’t show up for her usual Dunkin’ shifts.

When the mother of three finally returned to work, the customer, Suzanne Burke, discovered that Johnson had been struggling financially and had also been evicted.

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“I wanted to give up. I cried. I come to work every day and nobody knows what I’m going through because I always try to have a smile for our customers,” Johnson said in an interview with Today.

According to Today, Johnson had been facing unstable housing since her initial eviction back in early 2020, and things just weren’t turning around for her.

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However, Burke, who’d worked in social services in the past, offered to help Johnson in any way possible if she would accept that offer, and she did!

“When she experienced this hardship, I just wanted to see if I could help her,” Burke told WCPO.

While Johnson knew Burke was speaking with different organizations and non-profits on her behalf, she never could’ve expected what Burke was about to pull off.

Photo: YouTube/WCPO 9

On December 3, 2021, Burke finally presented Johnson with the best gift anyone could’ve given her: A fully furnished home!

The mother and her three children were filmed as they walked into their new home: a furnished apartment in downtown Cincinnati. While Johnson cried tears of joy and disbelief, her kids were all smiles!

Photo: YouTube/WCPO 9

“Oh my God, it was so amazing, I just busted out crying. I never had a full furnished house. I never had help like this. I had been asking God to put us in a home before Christmas, and He really did. I’m just so thankful,” Johnson said to Today.

Watch the video below:

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